The vision of the College Park Seventh-day Adventist Church visitstion ministry is to personally extend the love of Jesus to members who are hospitalized, in care facilities, or at home and are unable to attend church services on a regular basis.


The simple act of connecting with others creates powerful opportunities for ministry. Visitation is an inroad to hearts and lives that can create trust, friendship and caring. Visitation let’s people know that someone cares about them personally, and it also provides opportunities for church members to exercise one of the spiritual gifts God has bestowed upon them.

Committee Members

The following individuals have agreed to serve for the current two-year term:

Eli and Frances Chant, Leaders
Bonnie Bastein
Sigrid Bujak
Linda Curtis
Lori Dooks
Brenda Farranto
Ron & Barbara Hall
DaCosta Knight
Lucy Madeira
Aileen Ouyang
Ivor Pitt
Slavica Stojanovic

Outreach Activities

Various forms of outreach activities are utilized, such as:

  1. Personal visitation
  2. Christmas cards
  3. Get Well cards
  4. Sympathy cards
  5. Telephone calls
  6. Thinking of You cards
  7. Prayer (in person and on the telephone)

Additional Support

Over the past four years, it has been brought to our attention, on a number of occasions, that many College Park Church members also engage in visitation activities. We are very thankful for their interest in this ministry and for the support of the church, as a whole.


If you would like to have your loved one visited, or if you would like to join the visitation team, please contact Eli & Frances Chant At 905|240|7687.