College Park Adventist Church is engaged in major Renovations and Improvement of its building.

This is the first large renovation project since the Church was built over 50 ago.

This renovation plan encompasses four phases as follows:

Phase One

Comprised of:

  • The replacement of the old furnace by three new furnaces
  • The replacement of all the windows
  • The installation of power operated blinds
  • The installation of Air Conditioning units
  • The installation of new projectors and screens

Phase Two

Implemented in 2014:

  • Split the fellowship room into two floors, adding about 1300 square feet of space on the second floor
  • Add movable partitions to both floors allowing the fellowship room and the newly created chapel/meeting room to be divided into two large rooms, providing vital space for meetings, Sabbath School classes, etc.
  • Renovate and upgrade the kitchen
  • Add a barrier-free washroom at the lower level
  • Rearrange the existing storage space to make it more user-friendly

Phase Three

Sanctuary renovations:

  • General facelift of the whole Sancturay
  • Pew will be either replaced by padded pews or renovated and padded
  • The heating system will be addressed
  • A barrier-free washroom will be added to the Sanctuary level
  • The mothers' room will be renovated
  • The lighting system will be studied and changed accordingly
  • The sound system will be addressed
  • The existing flooring will be replaced
  • The rostrum area will be re-designed

Phase Four

Comprises of:

  • Renovate all existing washrooms on the middle floor
  • Add a barrier-free washroom to the middle floor
  • Renovate all the children's classrooms and bring them up to code
  • Build storage spaces in some of the children's classrooms
  • Bring all doors and ventilation up to code
  • Address the issue of the drinnking fountains