What Can I Expect?

Entrance from the back of the church:

When you pull into the parking lot at the back of the church Saturday morning, please use the entrance in the back and take the stairways up to the first floor. You will be welcomed by friendly people that will give you the Church bulletin. As you continue to throughout the corridor, you will see lots of kids entering in the classrooms for the Bible classes which run from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Walk to the end of the hall and take the stairwell that leads to the church lobby.

Entry from King Street: In case you come in from the King Street, just walk into the church lobby. Greeters will direct you to the Welcome Center where you can get answers to questions you might have. Welcome Desks hosts also can take you to a Bible Study class in a small setting or you can choose one small group that meets in the church sanctuary. At 10:30 all people that are participating in the small group Bible study join the congregation in the sanctuary. A group of young people leads the congregation into singing several songs. The words to the songs are projected on screens for people to sing along. After about 20 minutes of singing we speak to the congregation about special upcoming events, and then the message time begins. With all the people around it is easy to check things out and stay as anonymous as you would like.

Will I be Singled Out in Any Way as a Visitor?

At College Park Adventist Church, you'll never be put on the spot, never feel forced to give money and never embarrassed. Participating in the offering is your option, not our expectation for visitors. You don't have to sign anything or register your attendance unless you wish to be part of a church ministry or would like to receive a visit from the leadership. Let the service be a gift to you.

Where Do My Kids Go During the Services?

On Saturdays, our Children's Ministry provides an exciting experience for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, and teenagers. This allows you to get the most from your experience at the College Park Adventist Church while your child has a great time in a safe, friendly, kid-centered environment!

What About Teenagers and Young Adults?

Youth and Young Adults have classes specifically designed for them. The Welcome Desk can indicate the location of each class in the building.

When Do You Have Fellowship Lunches?

Very often, the church holds Fellowship lunches after the service in the Fellowship Hall on the first level. The dates are listed in the church bulletin and the Welcome Desk hosts can direct you and you are more than welcome to attend and meet other people.