Children’s Ministries (which encompasses the children's Sabbath School / Bible Classes as well), under the leadership of Selma Torquato and Sumbal Dean, is one of the most important ministries we have at College Park Church. Dedicated teachers will do their best to show your children the love of God. You can trust your precious children to the hands of our devoted teachers.



This year a new initiative called, “Toddler’s Totes”- which are bags with gadgets and interesting games to entertain toddlers from 1-5 years of age - was launched to help parents to keep their children with them during the worship service. This special bag, which is loaned to the parents, is free of charge.

Be sure to approach the Welcome Desk and sign out one of these Kid's Totes!


Every summer there is a special week in July, where more than 150 kids from the church and the community participate in a week of spiritual and fun time. Do not miss enrolling your child when the time comes. It is free - and we welcome your help as a volunteer!


For additional information or to volunteer, please contact: Amanda Mohns, at


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