Our passion is books! The church library is full of wonderful stories of people who have experiences to share.  These are stories that no one would know if someone had not taken the time to write them down.  Some of the best stories took place many years ago.

 Our plans at the College Park Library this year include further expanding the DVD section.  This is costly and we depend on the generosity of church members to donate used DVDs, or funds to purchase new ones.  We always welcome suggestions of DVDs that members would like to see in the library.

We have just completed the project of putting all the books on the computer.  This makes it easier when it comes to adding new books, while making sure not to add duplicates.  It also provides easy access to locating books and keeping a current inventory.  Next, we would like to collect information from the borrowers so that checking books and DVDS in and out will be easier.  This will also help in rounding up overdue items, which has been a problem in the past. We are happy to receive donations toward this faith-strengthening ministry!


Opening hours:  Sabbaths, 9:15 to 9:30 am, between Sabbath School and worship service, and open 20 minutes after the church service.


Head librarian: Tammy Sittlinger, 905-432-7467 or tsittlinger@sympatico.ca