“God wants every child of tender age to be His child, to be adopted into His family.”

(by E.G. White - Counsels to Teachers and Parents, p. 169)


 The Kids for Glory Choir is an arm of the Children’s Ministry program. It exists to involve the children in God’s work and, in the process, enrich not only their spiritual lives but their families and their surrounding communities.


It is important that children in their young age learn the meaning and value of worship. Through music, the choir learns to express their love and praise to God.  Their songs have Biblical principles which will instill lessons and inspirations in their life. It is our goal that through their singing experience, the kids will not only develop their singing skills and self-esteem but will know more about Christ and be drawn closer to Him.


Ages:  4 to 12

Rehearsals: Every Saturday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, excluding holidays.


1. Sings for Special Music during the Hour of Worship, Sabbath School, AY Program, Music Festivals, etc.

2. Bible study - ages 9 to 12 (every other Sabbath after choir practice from 4:00pm to 5:00pm)

3. Fun games and Group Dynamics (indoor & outdoor)


 Sing along with us and be a part of the growing Kidz4Glory family!


Contact Persons:

Jonathan Espino - Kid's choir leader - jonathan.espino@rogers.com, Tel #: 416-722-5884

Gillian Pitt - Assistant -  pittgi@yahoo.com

Virginia Bongato - Assistant - ginprez40@hotmail.com



Those who love God should feel deeply interested in the children and youth. To them God can reveal His truth and salvation. Jesus calls the little ones that believe on Him, the lambs of His flock. He has a special love for and interest in the children. . . . The most precious offering that the children can give to Jesus, is the freshness of their childhood. (by E. G. White -” Reflecting Christ, p. 373)