Audio Sermons
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11/18/2017Pastor Glenn DeSilvaDeliverance is Coming!2017-11-18 Sermon.mp3
10/14/2017Pastor Paul Antunes Towers or Alters?2017-10-14 Sermon.mp3
10/7/2017Pastor Jayson Levy Appreciation is a Way of Life2017-10-07 Sermon.mp3
9/30/2017Pastor Mathew FeeleyLaunch Out Into the Deep2017-09-30 Sermon.mp3
9/16/2017Pastor Paul Antunes Who is Ready?2017-09-16 Sermon.mp3
9/9/2017Pastor Paul Antunes Peace Be Still2017-09-09 Sermon.mp3
9/2/2017Pastor Jayson Levy God Level Part 22017-09-02 Sermon.mp3
8/26/2017Pastor Jayson Levy God Level Part 12017-08-26 Sermon.mp3
8/19/2017Pastor Mark JohnsonLiving As Jesus Lived2017-08-19 Sermon.mp3
8/5/2017Pastor Nilton AmorimPrisoners Living in Freedom2017-08-05 Sermon.mp3
2/4/2017Pastor Barry BusseyExpect the Unexpected 2017-02-04 Sermon.mp3
1/28/2017Pastor Jose Sanchez Fireproof Faith 2017-01-27 Sermon.mp3
1/14/2017Pastor Jayson Levy The Highest Priority 2017-01-14 Sermon.mp3
12/10/2016Pastor Kevin Magdamo The Present of Presence2016-12-10 Sermon.mp3
11/19/2016Pastor Paul Antunes “What Will Eternity be Like?” 2016-11-19 Sermon.mp3
11/5/2016Pastor Paul Antunes “In the Name of Jesus, Stand up and Walk…” 2016-11-05 Sermon.mp3
10/29/2016Pastor Paulo Macena GOD2016-10-29 Sermon.mp3
10/22/2016Pastor Paul Antunes SDA Church2016-10-22 Sermon.mp3
9/24/2016Pastor Paul Antunes The Well of Life That Can Fill Our Cup 2016-09-24 Sermon.mp3
9/17/2016Pastor Jayson Levy One Life of Humility 2016-09-17 Sermon.mp3
9/10/2016Pastor Paul Antunes The Heavenly Vision for Our Life, Our Church2016-09-10 Sermon.mp3
9/3/2016Pastor Kevin Magdamo No Trade Backs 2016-09-03 sermon.mp3
8/27/2016Pastor Jared Browne In His Time 2016-08-27 Sermon.mp3
8/20/2016Pastor Kevin Magdamo When it Clicks 2016-08-20 Sermon.mp3
8/13/2016Pastor Jayson LevyIdentity Crisis Part 22016-08-13 Sermon.mp3
8/6/2016Pastor Jayson Levy Identity Crisis Part 1 2016-08-06 Sermon.mp3
7/30/2016Pastor Jayson Levy Against the Odds2016-07-30 Sermon.mp3
7/16/2016Pastor Kevin Magdamo Customer Servic2016-07-16 Sermon.mp3
7/9/2016Pastor Paul AntunesPeace Amidst the Storms of Life2016-07-09 Sermon.mp3
7/2/2016 Pastor Jayson LevySlow Start, Strong Finish2016-07-02 Sermon.mp3
6/18/2016Pastor Paul Antunes A Father’s Love is Like... 2016-06-18 Sermon.mp3
6/11/2016Pastor Kevin Magdamo The Descent 2016-06-11 Sermon.mp3
6/4/2016Pastor Jayson LevyMessage2016-06-04 Sermon.mp3
5/21/2016Pastor Paul Antunes The Cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary2016-05-21 Sermon.mp3
5/14/2016Pastor Jayson Levy God’s Plan2016-05-14 Sermon.mp3
5/7/2016Pastor Paul AntunesWhen the Unthinkable Happens2016-05-07 Sermon.mp3
4/30/2016Pastor Jayson LevyHoping Against Hope2016-04-30 Sermon.mp3
4/23/2016Pastor Kevin Magdamo But...What About? 2016-04-23 Sermon.mp3
4/16/2016Pastor Mathew FeeleyGood Things, Bad Things, and the Most Important Thing2016-04-16 Sermon.mp3
4/9/2016Pastor Gerardo OudriTreasure Hunting: Cool or Fool? 2016-04-09 Sermon.mp3
4/2/2016Pastor Paul AntunesHaggai - God First2016-04-02 Sermon.mp3
3/26/2016 Pastor Mansfield Edwards Reflections From the Cross 2016-03-26 Sermon.mp3
3/19/2016Pastor Paul Antunes From Hopeless to Hope Filled 2016-03-19 Sermon.mp3
3/12/2016Pastor Joel Nembhard Victory in Jesus 2016-03-12 Sermon.mp3
3/5/2016Pastor Paul Antunes A Great Multitude From All the World2016-03-05 Service.mp3
2/27/2016Pastor Kevin MagdamoOn the Brink2016-02-27 Sermon.mp3
2/20/2016Pastor Jayson The Great Surrender2016-02-20 Sermon.mp3
1/30/2016Pastor Paul Antunes The Four Parts of Worship2016-01-30 Sermon.mp3
1/16/2016 Pastor Jayson Levy God Made It All2016-01-16 Sermon.mp3
1/2/2016Pastor Paul Antunes Starting Afresh With God 2016-01-02 Sermon.mp3
12/26/2015Pastor Kevin MagdamoIt’s About Us 2015-12-26 Sermon.mp3
12/19/2015Pastor Paul AntunesThe First Gift of Christmas2015-12-19 Sermon.mp3
12/5/2015Pastor Paul AntuneJesus Boldly Served 2015-12-05 Sermon.mp3
11/28/2015Pastor Paul AntunesWhat Will be the Signs of Christ Coming?2015-11-28 Sermon.mp3
11/21/2015Pastor Paul Antunes The Laodicean Message2015-11-21 Sermon.mp3
11/7/2015Pastor Orlando PuleLordship/God’s Authority2015-11-07 Sermon.mp3
11/6/2015Pastor Orlando PuleDNA2015-11-06 DNA.mp3
11/5/2015Pastor Orlando PuleDNA2015-11-05 DNA.mp3
11/4/2015Pastor Orlando PuleDNA2015-11-04 DNA.mp3
11/3/2015Pastor Orlando PuleDNA2015-11-03 DNA.mp3
11/2/2015Pastor Orlando PuleDNA2015-11-02 DNA.mp3
10/31/2015James Astleford A Vast Army 2015-10-31 Sermon.mp3
10/24/2015Dr. Willie OliverDo All You can 2015-10-24 Sermon.mp3
10/10/2015Pastor Jayson Levy Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart 2015-10-10 Sermon.mp3
9/19/2015Pastor Paul AntunesForever Connected & Never Alon2015-09-19 Sermon.mp3
9/12/2015Pastor Mansfield EdwardsYour Candelstick2015-09-12 Sermon.mp3
9/5/2015Pastor Paul AntunesWorthy is the Lamb2015-09-05 Sermon.mp3
8/29/2015Pastor Kevin MagdamoHow Bold Is Beautiful2015-08-28 Sermon.mp3
8/22/2015Pastor Paul AntunesMoving Ahead Despite the Fog2015-08-22 Sermon.mp3
8/15/2015Pastor Jayson Levy and Margeaux LevyHe’ll Fight For You2015-08-15 Sermon.mp3
8/8/2015Pastor Kevin MagdamoWhen God Calls2015-08-08 Sermon.mp3
8/1/2015Pastor Nilton AmorimJesus, Perception of Violence2015-08-01Sermon.mp3
7/25/2015Pastor Jayson LevyBy My Spirit2015-07-25 Sermon.mp3
7/11/2015Pastor Kevin MagdamoThe Growth Spurt2015-07-11 Sermon.mp3
7/4/2015Edwin SorminAn Equitable God2015-07-04 Sermon.mp3
6/13/2015Dr. David TrimSeeking the Lost2015-06-13 Sermon.mp3
6/6/2015Pastor Paul AntunesThe Porch Light Is Still On2015-06-06 Sermon.mp3
5/30/2015Pastor Kevin MagdamoThe Grand Adventure2015-05-30 Sermon.mp3
5/16/2015Elder Mark JohnsonAnticipation2015-05-16 Sermon.mp3
5/9/2015Pastor Paul AntunesThe Sacrifice of Love2015-05-09 Sermon.mp3
5/2/2015Pastor Jayson LevyDon’t Worry, Just Serve2015-05-02 Sermon.mp3
4/25/2015Pastor Paul AntunesHis Mission Is Our Mission2015-04-25 Sermon.mp3
4/18/2015Pastor Allen Decenaat least you would think so2015-04-18 Sermon.mp3
1/31/2015Pastor Jayson LevyBurden Bearers2015-01-31 Sermon.mp3
1/30/2015Lori HartshornSpritual Warefare2015-01-30 Friday.mp3
1/24/2015Mr. Barry BusseyWhom Shall I Fear2015-01-24 Sermon.mp3
1/10/2015Mr. Herb LarsonRelevance - Part 22015-01-10 Part 2.mp3
1/10/2015Mr. Herb LarsonRelevance - Part 32015-01-10 Part 3.mp3
1/10/2015Mr. Herb LarsonRelevance - Q& A2015-01-10 Part 3 QA.mp3
1/9/2015Mr. Herb LarsonRelevance - Part 12015-01-09 Part 1.mp3
1/3/2015Pastor Jayson LevyAs For Me and My House2015-01-03 Sermon.mp3
11/22/2014Pastor Jayson LevyGod's Thoughts2014-11-22 Sermon.mp3
11/15/2014Dr. Mark HaynalStaying Away From Snakes2014-11-15 Sermon.mp3
11/8/2014Dr. Joseph KidderWorship Summit Part 22014-11-08 Worship summit Part 2.mp3
11/8/2014Dr. Joseph KidderWorship Summit Part 32014-11-08 Worship Summit Part 3.mp3
11/7/2014Dr. Joseph KidderWorship Summit Part 12014-11-07 Worship Summit Part 1.mp3
11/1/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 122014-11-01 GOD12.mp3
10/31/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG..O.D. Part 112014-10-31 GOD11.mp3
10/29/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 102014-10-29 GOD10.mp3
10/27/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 92014-10-27 GOD9.mp3
10/25/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 62014-10-25 GOD6.mp3
10/24/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 52014-10-24 GOD5.mp3
10/22/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 42014-10-22 GOD4.mp3
10/20/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 32014-10-20 GOD3.mp3
10/19/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 22014-10-19 GOD2.mp3
10/18/2014Pastor Fred NicholsG.O.D. Part 12014-10-18 GOD1.mp3
8/30/2014Pastor Kevin MagdamoBroken Telephone2014-08-30 Sermon.mp3
8/23/2014Pastor Jayson LevyI’m Under Construction2014-08-23 Sermon.mp3
8/16/2014Pastor Paul AntunesGod Desires to Give Grace to All2015-08-16 Sermon.mp3
8/9/2014Edwin SorminRSVP God's Invitation2014-08-09 Sermon.mp3
7/26/2014Pastor Paul AntunesSmall Things Make A Difference2014-07-26 Sermon.mp3
7/19/2014Pastor Kevin MagdamoRunning the Gauntlet2014-07-19 Sermon.mp3
7/12/2014Pastor Jayson LevySatisfied2014-07-12 Sermon.mp3
7/5/2014Pastor Kevin Magdamo There’s Room at the Inn2014-07-05 Sermon.mp3
6/28/2014Glendon DelisserThis is What the Lord Says2014-06-28 Sermon.mp3
6/21/2014" "Pray Until Something Happens2014-06-21 Sermon.mp3
6/14/2014Pastor Jayson LevySweet Communion2014-06-14 Sermon.mp3
6/7/2014Pastor Kevin MagdamoI’m Not the Problem2014-06-14 Sermon.mp3
5/31/2014Pastor Paul AntunesA Godly Women of Courage2014-05-31 Sermon.mp3
5/24/2014Melodie Thorpe HomerLving Through2014-05-24 Sermon.mp3
5/17/2014Pastor Paul AntunesWe Will Take a Stand Courageously2014-05-17 Sermon.mp3
5/10/2014Pastor Jayson LevyBecause Jesus Loves Me2014-05-10 Sermon.mp3
5/3/2014Pastor Jayson LevyThe Thing God Hates2014-05-03 Sermon.mp3
4/5/2014Pastor Kevin Magdamo100 % Handmade2014-04-05 Sermon.mp3
3/29/2014Pastor Jayson LevyUnbreakable2014-03-29 Sermon.mp3
3/15/2014Pastor Kevin MagdamoMistaken Identity2014-03-15 Sermon.mp3
3/8/2014Pastor Paul AntunesHe Touched Me2014-03-08 Sermon.mp3
2/22/2014Pastor Paul AntunesLet Us Hold Fast To Our Hope”2014-02-22 Sermon.mp3
2/15/2014Pastor Jayson LevyThe God Reality2014-02-15 Sermon.mp3
2/8/2014Pastor Jayson LevyADAMAS: When Character and Conflict Collide2014-02-08 Sermon.mp3
2/1/2014Pastor Jayson LevyAt The Feet Of Jesus2014-02-01 Sermon.mp3
1/25/2014Pastor Jayson LevySubjugation x Humiliation + God = Exaltation2014-01-25 Sermon.mp3
1/11/2014Pastor Kevin MagdamoHow to Be More Attractive in 20142014-01-11 Sermon.mp3
1/4/2014Pastor Jayson LevyA Break in Transmissions2014-01-04 Sermon.mp3
12/21/2013"" Imitating Immanuel2013-12-21 Sermon.mp3
12/7/2013Pastor Jason Levy Dressed up in Jesus2013-12-07 Sermon.mp3
11/30/2013Pastor Dave SchwinghammerStewards in the Kingdom of God2013-11-30 Sermon.mp3
11/23/2013Pastor Kevin MagdamoWhere Are Your Glasses?2013-11-23 Sermon.mp3
11/9/2013Elizabeth GeorgeDeveloping a Relationship of Abundance2013-11-09 Sermon.mp3
11/2/2013Pastor Jayson LevyJesus In the Midst of Judgment2013-11-01 Sermon.mp3
10/26/2013Pastor Edgar NunesNew Beginning Sermonette2013-10-26 Sermon.mp3
10/19/2013Pastor Dave SchwinghammerStewardship2013-10-19 Sermon.mp3
10/12/2013Elder William FagalSabbath Sermon2013-10-12 Sabbath Sermon.mp3
10/11/2013Elder William FagalSermon 12013-10-11 Friday Service.mp3
10/5/2013Elder Edwin SorminMessage2013-10-05 Sermon.mp3
9/21/2013Pastor Edgar NunesThe Power of One2013-09-21 Sermon.mp3
9/14/2013Pastor Gary HodderThe Macedonian Call2013-09-14 Sermon.mp3
9/7/2013Elder Jonathan DuffyWhy Jesus Came to This Earth2013-09-07 Sermon.mp3
8/31/2013Pastor Edgar NunesThe God of Surprises2013-08-31 Sermon.mp3
8/24/2013Pastor Mark JohnsonThere is a River2013-08-24 Sermon.mp3
8/17/2013Pastor James AstlefordAwareness, Access, and Ability2013-08-17 Sermon.mp3
8/10/2013Pastor Gary HodderPergamum Church Prosperous2013-08-10 Sermon.mp3
8/3/2013Pastor Edgar NunesThe Prodigals (Father and Son)2013-08-03 Sermon.mp3
7/27/2013Pastor Edgar NunesRecalculating: When (not) to Ignore your GPS 2013-07-27 Sermon.mp3
7/20/2013Pastor Gary HodderDisagreeable Christians2013-07-20 Sermon.mp3
7/13/2013Pastor Rob ZamaChoose Life2013-07-13 Sermon.mp3
7/6/2013Pastor Gary HodderUn-Titled2013-07-06 Sermon.mp3
6/29/2013Paul CardwellSomething Better Than Heaven2013-06-29 Sermon.mp3
6/15/2013Pastor Gary HodderWhere is Your Donkey2013-06-15 Sermon.mp3
6/8/2013Pastors Zama-Hodder-NunesParenting Parents2013-06-08 Sermon.mp3
6/1/2013Pastor Edgar NunesThe Faith of our Founders2013-06-01 Sermon.mp3
5/25/2013Pastor Robert ZamaGoing Deeper2013-05-25 Sermon.mp3
5/18/2013Pastor Edgar NunesQueen Victoria Secrets2013-05-18 Sermon.mp3
5/11/2013Pastor PiferReunion2013-05-11 Sermon.mp3
5/4/2013Pastor Gary HodderA Church To Admire2013-05-04 Sermon.mp3
4/27/2013Pastor Edgar NunesNo Reservation Required2013-04-27 Sermon.mp3
4/20/2013Pastor Rob ZamaClaimed2013-04-20 Sermon.mp3
4/13/2013Pastor Nilton AmorimIt Is Good to be Here2013-04-13 sermon.mp3
4/6/2013Jemilla, Carolynn, EmilyPathfinders Sermonettes2013-04-06 sermon.mp3
3/28/2013Pastor Don CorkumAt The Foot Of The Cross Part 2At The Foot of the Cross Part 2.mp3
3/27/2013Pastor Don CorkumAt The Foot Of The Cross Part 1At The Foot of the Cross Part 1.mp3
3/23/2013Pastor Robert ZamaGo For Broke2013-03-23 sermon.mp3
3/16/2013Pastor Gary HodderThe Power of Prayer2013-03-16 sermon.mp3
3/9/2013Pastor Edgar NunesBehind The Curtain2013-03-09 sermon.mp3
3/2/2013Pastor Gary HodderSmokey Churches2013-03-02 sermon.mp3
2/23/2013Pastor Edgar NunezOur Father2013-02-23 sermon.mp3
2/16/2013Pastor Gary HodderTogether for a Lifetime2013-02-16 sermon.mp3
2/9/2013Pastor Robert Zama2 Encounters 1 Choice2013-02-09 sermon.mp3
2/2/2013Pastor Gary HodderApocalypse Now2013-02-02 sermon.mp3
1/19/2013Pastor Robert ZamaTo Do ... Not To Be.2013-01-19 Sermon.mp3
1/12/2013Pastor Gary HodderWhat is A Christian2013-01-12 Sermon.mp3
1/5/2013Pastor Edgar NunesThe Power of Persistent Prayer2013-01-05 Sermon.mp3
12/29/2012Pastor Gary HodderMoriah's Land2012-12-29 Sermon.mp3
12/22/2012Pastor Gary HodderNo Title2012-12-22 Sermon.mp3
12/8/2012Pastor Gary HodderDreaming of a Right Christmas2012-12-08 Sermon.mp3
12/1/2012Pastor Robert ZamaA Message of Hope2012-12-01 Sermon.mp3
11/24/2012Pastor Edward NunesOne Christmas, Two Births2012-11-24 Sermon.mp3
11/17/2012Andrew BaileyUntitled2012-11-17 Sermon.mp3
10/6/2012Sharon EnnisRely On Him2012-10-06 Sermon.mp3
9/29/2012Bev and Tim CorpusTwo Sacred Hands2012-09-29 Sermon.mp3
9/22/2012Pastor Gary HodderSinner Meets Saint2012-09-22 Sermon.mp3
9/15/2012Pastor Edgar NunesEven Prophets2012-09-15 Sermon.mp3
9/8/2012Pastor Gary HodderAny Old Bush Will Do2012-09-08 Sermon.mp3
9/1/2012Pastor Robert ZamaSurvival of the Weakest2012-09-01 Sermon.mp3
8/25/2012Pastor Gary HodderThe Most Unwanted Ship2012-08-25 Sermon.mp3
8/18/2012Elder Daniel StojanovicAlways for your Good2012-08-18 Sermon.mp3
8/11/2012Elder John HowardWhere is Your Hotspot?Sermon Hotspot.mp3
8/4/2012Pastor Daniel LinrudWho Turned Up the Heat?2012-08-04 Sermon.mp3
7/28/2012Pastor Nilton AmorimTranscending the Oridinary2012-07-28 Sermon.mp3
7/21/2012John RamseyLife Lessons From My Fathers2012-07-21 Sermon.mp3
7/14/2012Pastor Robert ZamaWhat's The Difference?2012-07-14 Sermon.mp3
7/7/2012Pastor Gary HodderPlaying with One String2012-07-07 Sermon.mp3
6/23/2012Pastor Gary HodderBoth Sides Now2012-06-23 Sermon.mp3
6/17/2012Pastor Jared BrowneYes, I Shave My Legs2012-06-17 Graduation.mp3
6/16/2012Pastor Robert WinsorThat Dream2012-06-16 Sermon.mp3
6/9/2012Sharon AkaWomen Hold Half The Sky2012-06-09 Sermon.mp3
6/2/2012College Park Elementary SchoolTempataion, Prayer and Faith2012-06-02 Sermon.mp3
5/26/2012Pastors, Hodder, Nunes, ZamaA Eulogy to Live For2012-05-26 Sermon.mp3
5/19/2012Pastor Edgar NunesChrist on Christ2012-05-19 Sermon.mp3
4/14/2012Pastor HodderA Viral Church2012-04-14 Sermon.mp3
4/8/2012Pastor Jeff PottsAt the Foot of the Cross Sunday morning2012-04-08 Sunday.mp3
4/8/2012Pastor Jeff PottsAt the Foot of the Cross Sunday morning2012-04-08 Sunday.mp3
4/8/2012Pastor Jeff PottsAt the Foot of the Cross Sunday morning2012-04-08 Sunday.mp3
4/7/2012Pastor Jeff PottsThe Stone Pavement2012-04-07 Sermon.mp3
3/31/2012Samantha, Jaylon and KimberleyCourage2012-03-31 Sermon.mp3
3/17/2012Pastor Edgar NunesTouching Infinity2012-03-17 Sermon.mp3
3/10/2012Pastor Gary HodderA Call To Courage2012-03-10 Sermon.mp3
2/25/2012Pastor Gary HodderDancing in the Church2012-02-25 Sermon.mp3
2/18/2012Glendon DelisserCall Upon Me and I Will Answer You2012-02-18 Sermon.mp3
2/11/2012Pastor Gary HodderThe Mind of Christ Pt. II2012-02-11 Sermon.mp3
2/4/2012Pastor Edgar NunesUnplug for Power2012-02-04 Sermon.mp3
1/28/2012Pastor Gary HodderHis Strength is Perfect2012-01-28 Sermon.mp3
1/21/2012Barry BusseyThe Religious Freedom Imperative2012-01-21 Sermon.mp3
1/14/2012Pastor Robert ZamaThe Heart of the Matter2012-01-14 Sermon.mp3
1/7/2012Pastor Edgar NunesLoud Thunder, No Rain2012-01-07 Sermon.mp3
12/31/2011Pastor Gary HodderPentecostal Spirit20111-12-31 Sermon.mp3
12/24/2011Pastor Edgar NunesPeace On Earth2011-12-24 Sermon.mp3
12/10/2011Pastor Edgar NunesChristmas: It Is All About…..?2011-12-10 Sermon.mp3
12/3/2011Pastor Robert ZamaClick Here to Follow2011-12-03 Sermon.mp3
11/26/2011Pastor Gary HodderThe Mind of Christ2011-11-26 Sermon.mp3
11/19/2011Nilton AmorimJesus, the Resurrection and the Life2011-11-19 Sermon.mp3
11/12/2011Gary HodderThe Unfinished Story2011-11-12 Sermon.mp3
11/5/2011College Park Elementary SchoolSpecial Program2011-11-05 Church Service64.mp3
10/29/2011Edgar NunesXtreme Makeover2011-10-29 Sermon.mp3
10/22/2011Gary HodderU.S. In Prophecy2011-10-22 Sermon.mp3
10/15/2011Robert ZamaHow to Live Longer and Better2011-10-15 Sermon.mp3
10/8/2011Gary HodderUntitled2011-10-08 Sermon.mp3
10/1/2011Durham Adventist ChoirSpecial Program2011-10-01 Church Service.mp3
9/24/2011Dan JacksonStones ...2011-09-24 Sermon.mp3
9/10/2011Gary HodderJustice Denied2011-09-10 Sermon.mp3
9/3/2011Edgar NunesJohn 3:162011-09-03 Sermon.mp3
8/27/2011Robert ZamaRefuge in Columbia2008-09-27 Sermon.mp3
8/20/2011John HowardSovereign Debt or Grace2011-08-20 Sermon.mp3
8/13/2011Gary HodderDual in the Desert2011-08-13 Sermon.mp3
8/6/2011Edgar NunesStyles' Gospel2011-08-06 Sermon.mp3
7/30/2011Edwin SorminGod's Invitation for Worship and Obedience2011-07-30 Sermon.mp3
7/23/2011Edgar NunesGod, Money, Faith2011-07-23 Sermon.mp3
7/16/2011Gary HodderFaith Under Fire2011-07-16 Sermon.mp3
7/9/2011Hymers WilsonUnknown2011-07-09 Sermon.mp3
7/2/2011Richard ParentA Taste of Africa2011-07-02 Sermon.mp3
6/25/2011Gary HodderInvasion from Outer Space2011-06-25 Sermon.mp3
6/11/2011Gary HodderThe Sword of Damocles2011-06-11 Sermon.mp3
6/4/2011CPESMini Sermons: Faith, Friendship, Your Relationship with God2011-06-04 Sermon.mp3
5/28/2011Our Three PastorsUnsung Heros2011-05-28 Sermon.mp3
5/21/2011Ron ClouzetReunion Day on the Sea of Glass2011-05-21 Sermon.mp3
5/14/2011Gary HodderFailures of a Busy Man2011-05-14 Sermon.mp3
5/7/2011Alumni 2001Sabbath School2011-05-07 Alumni SS.mp3
5/7/2011Mirthell MitchellOn the Rock or in the Sand2011-05-07 Church Service.mp3
5/6/2011Eric AakkoIt's More Than The Dash2011-05-06 Alunni Vespers.mp3
4/24/2011Edgar NunesAt the Foot of the Cross Part 62011-04-24 FOTC-6.mp3
4/23/2011Robert ZamaAt the Foot of the Cross Part 42011-04-23 FOTC-4.mp3
4/23/2011Ed SorminAt the Foot of the Cross Part 52011-04-23 FOTC-5.mp3
4/22/2011Gary HodderAt the Foot of the Cross Part 32011-04-22 FOTC-3.mp3
4/21/2011Jared BrownAt the Foot of the Cross Part 22011-04-21 FOTC-2.mp3
4/20/2011Allison BryanAt the Foot of the Cross Part 12011-04-20 FOTC-1.mp3
4/16/2011Kingsway ChoirChoir Concert2011-04-16 KC Choir Concert-b.mp3
4/16/2011Kingsway CollegeBand Program2011-04-16 Band Program.mp3
4/16/2011Natasha Anand-BurnettWhere Is God?2011-04-16 sermon.mp3
4/9/2011Edgar NunesThe Final2011-04-09 Sermon.mp3
3/26/2011Gary HodderThe Doubter Who Believed2011-03-26 Sermon.mp3
3/19/2011Gary HodderBetrayed2011-03-19 Sermon.mp3
3/12/2011Nilton AmorimI Have a Housing Challenge2011-03-12 Sermon.mp3
3/5/2011Mark JohnsonChrist and His Church2011-03-05 Sermon.mp3
2/26/2011Gary HodderThe Sons of Thunder2011-02-26 Sermon.mp3
2/19/2011Robert ZamaUpside Down2011-02-19 Sermon.mp3
2/12/2011Gary HodderHow To Fight Fair2011-02-12 Sermon.mp3
2/5/2011Edgar NunesThe Compassionate Christ2011-02-05 Sermon.mp3
1/22/2011Gary HodderThe Rollercoaster Man2011-01-22 Sermon.mp3
1/15/2011Jared BrowneA Better Freedom2011-01-15 Sermon.mp3
1/8/2011Barry BusseyBeing Prepared for the Incomprehensible2011-01-08 Sermon.mp3
1/1/2011Gary HodderDare to be an Andrew2011-01-01 Sermon.mp3
12/25/2010Gary HodderJoseph"s Story2010-12-25 Sermon.mp3
12/11/2010Robert ZamaTowers of Brick and Mortar2010-12-11 Sermon.mp3
12/4/2010Edgar NunesHere Am I Lord2010-12-04 Sermon.mp3
11/27/2010Gary HodderWho Cares?2010-11-27 Sermon.mp3
11/20/2010Dr. Mansfield EdwardsA Hurting Husband2010-11-20 Sermon.mp3
11/13/2010The CastMaking Us A Name2010-11-13 Sermon.mp3
11/6/2010Gary HodderThe Talented Men2010-11-06 Sermon.mp3
10/23/2010Dr. Clinton WhalenThe End Part 22010-10-23 The End part 2.mp3
10/23/2010Dr. Clinton WhalenThe End Part 32010-10-23 The End part 3.mp3
10/22/2010Dr. Clinton WhalenThe End Part 12010-10-22 The End part 1.mp3
10/16/2010Gary HodderThe Bridegroom Returns2010-10-16 Sermon.mp3
10/9/2010Gary HodderPerpetual Thanksgiving2010-10-09 Sermon.mp3
9/25/2010Eustace WilliamsPotential2010-09-25 Sermon.mp3
9/18/2010Gary HodderWaiting in Expectation2010-09-18 Sermon.mp3
9/11/2010Gary HodderThe Good Shepherd2010-09-11 Sermon.mp3
9/4/2010Edgar NunesUntitled2010-09-04 Sermon.mp3
8/28/2010Robert ZamaWho Do You See at Church?2010-08-28 Sermon.mp3
8/21/2010Dan JacksonPriority2010-08-21 Sermon.mp3
8/14/2010Robert ZamaEmpty2010-08-14 Sermon.mp3
8/14/2010Robert ZamaChildren's Story2010-08-14 Children Story.mp3
8/7/2010Gerardo OudriInvited, Compelled, Commanded, No Excuse2010-08-07 Sermon.mp3
7/31/2010Gerardo OudriFaith Test2010-07-31 Sermon.mp3
7/24/2010Wesley SzamkoNot By Sight2010-07-24 Church Service.mp3
7/10/2010Dexter SmithFaith Factor2010-07-10 Sermons.mp3
7/3/2010Edwin SorminGod’s Grace: Amazing and Scandalous2010-07-03 Sermon.mp3
6/19/2010Jim RyanYou're So Loved2010-06-19 Sermon.mp3
6/12/2010Gary HodderFollowing After You2010-06-12_Church_Service_64.mp3
6/5/2010Edgar NunesThe Prodigal Father2010-06-05_Church_Service_64.mp3
5/29/2010Douglas DevnichThe Wedding Banquet2010-05-29 Sermon 32.mp3
5/29/2010Douglas DevnichChildren's Story: Oscar the Cat2010-05-29 Childrens Story.mp3
5/1/2010Edgar NunesJesus On Moses: A Deeper Look at the Law2010-05-01 Sermon.mp3
4/24/2010Nikolaus SatelmajerThis House Of God2010-04-24 Sermon.mp3
4/24/2010Various Participants and Choir50th Anniversary Church Service, Part 150th Anniversary Part 1.mp3
4/23/2010Various ParticipantsPart 1, Concecration Service for College Park Church on April 23, 1960Concecration Part 1s.mp3
4/23/2010Elder MinchinMorning Sermon on Apr 23, 1960, Conceration day of College Park ChurchConcecration Part 2s.mp3
4/17/2010Jared BrowneEveryone Is A Carpenter2010-04-17 Sermon32.mp3
4/10/2010Edgar NunesWanted: Not Much2010-04-10 Sermon.mp3
1/3/2009Gerardo Oudri2009: Year of the Lord’s Favour2009-01-03 Serrmon.mp3
12/27/2008Dave SchwinghammerChristmas Message2008-12-27 Sermon.mp3
12/20/2008Dave SchwinghammerIn Search of a King2008-12-20 Sermon.mp3
12/13/2008Durham Adventist ChoirChristmas Church Service2008-12-13 Durham Adventist Choir.mp3
12/11/2008CPESChristmas Program2008-12-11 CPES Christmas concert Nn.mp3
12/6/2008Dave SchwinghammerWe Still Believe—The Good News About Eternal Life2008-12-06 Sermon.mp3
11/29/2008Dave Schwinghammer-We Still Believe—The Good News About the Judgment2008-11-29 Sermon.mp3
11/22/2008Dave SchwinghammerThe Good News About Jesus’ Return2008-11-22 Sermon.mp3
11/15/2008Dave SchwinghammerWe Still Believe - Beyond the Great Disappointment2008-11-15 Sermon.mp3
11/8/2008Barry BusseyThe War To End All Wars2008-11-08 Sermon.mp3
11/1/2008Paul LiewellynReal Blood! Real Power!2008-11-01 SermonS.mp3
10/25/2008The Refuge TeamArgentina Trip2008-10-25 Sermon.mp3
10/18/2008Ron Halvorsen Jr.My God Recycles2008-10-18 Sermon.mp3
10/17/2008Ron Halvorsen Jr.Sermon # 42008-10-17 Sermon 4.mp3
10/16/2008Ron Halvorsen Jr.Sermon # 32008-10-16 Sermon 3.mp3
10/15/2008Ron Halvorsen Jr.Sermon # 22008-10-15 Sermon 2.mp3
10/14/2008Ron Halvorsen Jr.Sermon # 12008-10-14 Sermon 1.mp3
10/11/2008Dave SchwinghammerGod’s Repayment2008-10-11 Sermon.mp3
10/4/2008Antonio BuenoThe Blessings of Peace2008-10-04 Sermon.mp3
9/27/2008David SchwinghammerThe True Christian’s Benefit Plan2008-09-27 Sermon.mp3
9/13/2008David SchwinghammerHow To Recieve a Blessingsermon_20080913.mp3
9/6/2008David SchwinghammerWhat Do You Believe?sermon_20080906.mp3
8/30/2008David SchwinghammerLife in the Spirit, the Rest of the Storysermon_20080830.mp3
8/23/2008David SchwinghammerLife In The Spiritsermon_20080823.mp3
8/16/2008David SchwinghammerI Need Prayerssermon_20080816.mp3
8/9/2008David SchwinghammerNot availablesermon_20080809.mp3
8/2/2008Rob PuttSuffering...God’s Solutionsermon_20080802.mp3
7/26/2008Gerardo OudriOne More Thing...sermon_20080726.mp3
7/19/2008Gerardo OudriRaising the Barsermon_20080719.mp3
7/12/2008Harold BurdenThe God Who Healssermon_20080712.mp3
7/12/2008George GuthriCHIP Lecture 1sermon_20080712 chip.mp3
7/5/2008Douglas DevnichWhen the fire falls, where is everybody?sermon_20080705.mp3
6/28/2008Douglas DevnichBread for Everyonesermon_20080628.mp3
5/31/2008David SchwinghammerPrinciples of the Kingdom of Godsermon_20080531.mp3
5/24/2008David SchwinghammerReal Livingsermon_20080524.mp3
5/17/2008David SchwinghammerHow to Stand When Your Strength is Gonesermon_20080517.mp3
5/10/2008Bill TuckerAlive in Christsermon_20080510.mp3
5/3/2008Erika SkulaService Hall of Famesermon_20080503.mp3
5/3/2008KC AlumniSabbath Schoolsermon_20080503 kc alumni.mp3
5/2/2008KC AlumniKC 25 Years In Review Part IIIsermon_20080502 3.mp3
5/2/2008KC AlumniKC 25 Years In Review Part IIsermon_20080502 2.mp3
5/2/2008KC AlumniKC 25 Years In Review Part Isermon_20080502 1.mp3